Forbidden God (2019)

Forbidden God is the powerful, true story about the Spanish Civil War and death of religious liberty at the hands of an anarchist revolution. Despite an uneasy alliance between Franco's Republican army and the Catholic Church, the uprising proved too much for the fragile civilization. The deaths of over 50 seminarians soon followed in the City of Barbastro in 1936.

Cast and Crew

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Pablo Moreno Action Shot

Pablo Moreno


Pablo Moreno is the Spanish filmmaker who helmed Un Dios Prohibido from which Forbidden God has been adapted for North American audiences.

Elena Furiase Serious

Elena Furiase

Trini the Anarchist

Spanish actress Elena Furiase plays the part of Trini, a young idealist who relentlessly pursues one of the seminarians in an attempt to win him over.

javier suarez-2

Javier Suárez

Esteban Casadevall

The film's protagonist whose character portrays one of the 50 Claretian seminarians who became the first martyrs from the City of Barbastro

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