Bring the Film

You can bring the film to your area. To do so requires three simple steps:

1.)  Determine a venue. Contact your local movie theater manager and ask about renting an individual theater for a private screening. (Theaters must allow for a film in DCP format—no Blu-Rays or DVDs). Select a venue with a minimum 100-200 seats and confirm an available date and showtime.  (The lead time is entirely up to you. Try to plan 5 weeks in advance unless you have a few people helping and you feel confident about getting the word out).  You can always cancel as long as you provide notice.

2.)  Obtain a site license. (This is a simple form you complete with us which authorizes you to publicly exhibit the film and charge admission). The site license fee of $800.00 for a basic domestic screening covers all the costs of creating and shipping the DCP to the theater, marketing materials, and is not due until 5 days prior to your event—this gives you time to:

3.)  Sell tickets–believe it or not, this is the fun part! The individual or partnering organization sets the price for a ticket. (We recommend between $12-$15 each) but some organizations may choose to go as high as $20 or $30 and use the film as a fundraiser for their parish, non-profit, school, or ministry. Partners collect all monies and pay the balance due on theater rental fees and the site license fee from their funds collected. The remaining proceeds benefit the partner or designated charity. Please note that while it may seem daunting, nearly every single one of our film hosts (across multiple film projects) reported raising a substantial amount of money (after paying the fees). Please ask us for references!

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